Badass’D Digital Ink Fire of the Diamond Questionnaire
This is your moment to show us you are ready to light the fire within.
So, if you’re ready...let’s get started!
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How long have you been in business? *

How much do you invest in your business monthly? *

Have you ever worked with a mentor before? *

Have you ever worked with a copywriter before? *

Do you drink bourbon or cocktails? *

Could you drink champagne on a boat in celebration of a powerful year in business (Kinda kidding. Kinda.) *

What is your website address? *

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What do you want to walk away from Fire of the Diamond with? *

What are your biggest struggles to date (assuming your answer is different from #11)? *

What's your view on drive and hustle? *

What's the last movie you watched? *

What did you do for the last 4 Friday nights? *

Candy-coating is not an option here. Would that suck for you? *

Are you ready to FUCKING ROCK? *

Since we are hardcore working toward results, new Diamonds are allowed in for a two-month probationary period. During that period, if you don't show up and don't get results, someone else is offered your spot and you'll be thanked and asked to go. Now, do you still love us and want to party all the way to the bank with us?

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